Tales From Carpentaria

An Interesting Situation (Glazius)

Today was interesting. A few days back I got this hat that said her name was Sicily, and she wants me to do some quest for her. It sounds interesting, so we’ll see where this goes. The crew searched some of the Elven Islands and haven’t gotten much useful information, other than the Elven Council has been dissolved and that 3 Elven Lords have taken its place. Apparently the new leadership has decided that the Elves should isolate themselves from other races, and this includes trade and living quarters. There has been rumor that races other than elves have been taken somewhere unpleasant, and only the Half-Elves have been returned to some location that we haven’t found yet. We’ve been using potions to disguise the crew as Elves so that we can talk to an Elven Lord to figure out where the Half-Elves are and what has happened to my home. Sicily keeps mentioning that she doesn’t like the crew lying to the Elves to sneak onto the island, and I can blame her. I am not fond of doing this either but the crew insisted that they come along, so here we are filling out a lot of useless forms that I shouldn’t have to fill out for another 100 years!

Selara has been amazing on this trip! She has made us potions to help the other crew members disguise themselves as Elves, and has given us useful information. It’s kind of a bummer that she has been so busy making these potions, since it takes time away from us being together, but I hope that she will be able to teach me a few things so that I can help out. I’d like to find my parents that should be around here somewhere, it would be nice to see how they are and to introduce them to Selara.


Demonicrose Glazius

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