Tales From Carpentaria

Captain's Log - Stardate: 37\ /35

and Dress-up tips from Willsifer

We’re sitting in a room at this very moment, filling out personal information on a stack of forms that seems incredibly redundant and unnecessary. From what Gunnar and Glazius say, this is nothing like the elven culture before it, and Wilsifur‘s extensive knowledge on just about everything only served to confirm. I felt the effects of the first disguise potion wear off not long ago, and I’ll need to take another dose before we leave this room. This is a dangerous game we’re playing, but there is obviously something afoot.

These islands constitute some of the largest known land-masses on this world, if the maps from Glazius’s little…friend…are even remotely accurate. I assume they are. Large land masses mean large populations, and it seems like everyone here is being subjugated. While I am still getting used to interpreting facial expressions as a means of conveying emotion, the people we passed on the way here seemed…surreal. They’re expression was that of happiness, but there was something about the eyes. Like it was being faked perhaps? I don’t even know if these beings can fake their expressions. Heh, just imagine if one of my people learned how to manipulate their skin coloration to express something other than what they were feeling. Deceit of the highest form, that’s what that is.

Every single thing here seems…wrong. Off. There’s something else at work here, something deep inside the core, and it’s rotten. The rot is only just starting to spread. Kind of like the ghost village, though we arrived after the rot had consumed everything…still, the only way the healing could take place was to remove the core. The source. Once I’m sure that the civilian’s are truly oppressed, and that an assault on our part would not result in them endangering their lives for their way of life…I feel it may be prudent to shed this facade and be the knife that removes the rot. For now, I believe I shall state that my favorite color is purple on this form. If it weren’t for the skin paint Willsifer had applied, I believe there’d be a lovely shade of it surrounding my eyes at this very moment….


Demonicrose SetzerValorin

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