Tales From Carpentaria

Know your limits - Gunnar

So we arrived at Shangri-La, and the place seemed more than lively. Nobody really came to a decision about where to eat, so Imora divied out some gold so we could go where we chose and headed up to the Top Floor. Her being the Captain, I decided to follow suit.

After a little reluctance to check all my armor at the front (you never know when some trouble might go down, an I’d rather not go unarmed…) We found ourselves a table and I went up to the window to order. Seeing as we’re in the middle of the ocean, I woudn’t be able to find fish as fresh anywhere else. As I was deciding between the Manta Ray or the Swordfish I heard some commotion back at our table. I took my plate of fried deliciousness back to discover Kojer with a large flagon of mead in his hand, and several more empty ones in front of him on the table. This could end up very bad. Or very funny.

You’d almost think he’d never had any alcohol before by the way he was slamming them down. I whispered to Desi that we should play a little joke on him, all in good fun. After a little while, and after a little bet that I could drink more than him (yeah right). I asked Desi if she could please keep or little contest supplied and we went at it. As he kept chugging more and more and more, not even paying attention to me, I stopped after about two drinks and just watched him hit the point where he was about to pass out. Then he passed out.

Desi and I then hauled him back towards the front and stopped to get our gear (as well as Kojer’s, we’re not that mean). We got him back to ship and managed to get him up to the crow’s nest before he woke up.

I think we should come back here again once we’re down saving the world, I had a great time. Dinner and a show!


Demonicrose thetofudabeast

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