Tales From Carpentaria

Mord Sees the Edge of the World

Mord came to massive ship with the rest of the crew. He was so excited he almost left without saying bye, but Mord good, he listen to captain first. Imora gave Mord money for food, but then Mord had to explore. The massive ship was actually more ships! They was all just tied together with bridges and stuff. Mord not need bridges though cause he can jump and climb just fine. Just when Mord almost got lost he found Glazius talking to some hot elf girl. He convinced hot elf girl to come with us to dinner and we went to the tower. \

The tower was tall. Like super tall; taller than Mord when Glazius shrinks the world. Mord was about to climb tower when glazius pointed to elevator. Elevator is like jumping really high and good. We got to top fast and then they took weapons. Mord normally have nothing for them to take, but they still wanted my temple sword. Glazius said it was okay and turned in his own sword as well. Mord made sure he knew where they put them though, so he could come back and get them.

The food was delicious. They had eel, and squid, and fishes of every size and flavor. Mord got a plate of eel, but then he got hungry again, so he got some crab, but then he was still hungry. Imora suggested the squid, and Gunnar said the swordfish was good too, so Mord ate that as well. Mord even drank some of the mead that Kojer and Gunnar were drinking. It tasted good, but made Mord feel funny, so he didn’t drink any more. I hope Glazius doesn’t think Mord no like his food now. He didn’t seem to notice how much Mord ate though, he was too busy talking with the hot elf girl. All he does is talk, Glazius is super boring.


Demonicrose steelweevil

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