Tales From Carpentaria

The Best Dinner I've Ever Had (Glazius)

So while Mord went to explore the perimeter, I decided that I would look for a bookstore, and I found one! In the store, I saw an Elf girl reading some book and practicing the movements for some lightning bolt spell. I decided to introduce myself, and after telling her of my fascination for wind & air spells, and asked if she could teach me. She agreed, and I tell you what, she is a good teacher! Soon after, I saw Mord outside the door, and I remembered that I was here to eat with the crew. I thanked the Elf for teaching me the spell, and said that I could teach her how to fly later on if she wanted to join my crew at dinner. She agreed, and I went and motion for Mord to come with us to the tower. When we arrived, I checked in my longsword, but Mord was hesitant to check in his temple sword. I told him that it was okay, and that we would get it back later.

At dinner, the food was great! I normally would ask the chefs to give me a few tips, but I was too busy talking to the Elf for the whole night. We talked about how she came to be at this place, and she also mentioned that she was concerned about what was happening up north. I told her that my crew was headed up there to check things out, and if it was allright with Captain Imora, she might even be able to come with us! She said she would really like that; I hope that this works out, we could teach each other a lot! Oh, at the end of dinner, I attracted her attention to what I was about to do, and I “Mage-Handed” Mord’s fish in front of his face and “Ghost-Sounded” the fish to say “Don’t eat me!” Mord slapped the fish across the room, and then he went and ate it! We laughed between ourselves about that trick! So far, this evening has been really great!


Demonicrose Glazius

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