Tales From Carpentaria

Time and Food by Desi:)

Three years passed on the outside world while we were on that island… and I didn’t age more than a couple days! Ha!

We met up with an odd market ship that was quite suspicious… then after Imora took us out for some dinner, yay! Imora wanted to go to the top floor, along with my ranger friend, Gunnar… so I went too, it seemed fun. It was so nice to enjoy food being cooked for me – spaghetti and garlic bread cooked to my absolute liking, mmm! As a spiritual person, I normally take pride in making meals myself, because it is good task to keep one busy. It has been some time since I have had a wonderfully prepared meal such as this. At times like these, I know I am blessed by my deity, Shelyn. She really does look out for me.

So anyway, I was sitting there eating and I look down the table and just across from Gunnar is a horribly intoxicated… barbarian. Yeeaauggh. Gunnar suggested we play a little trick on him, and though I knew it was wrong… Well, it is all in good fun, right? Once that dunce was fooled by Gunnar into drinking until he passed out, we set our plan in motion.

We ended up hauling him back to our ship and up to the crow’s nest, leaving him there by himself until he awoke… Hope he isn’t afraid of heights!

I hope the brute doesn’t get upset at us for this trick. He may not be the brightest tool in the shed, but the man has strength beyond mine by far.

In the meantime… Sorry, Shelyn, it was too damn good to miss out.


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