Icon Winter

A Tiefling Bard with a touch of cold magic.


Name: Icon Winter
Race: Tiefling
Class: Bard


Icon entered into a pact with a Warlock and Sorcerer to preform the Matrimonium Moa Mens Mentis ritual. He had found three individuals of extreme power that with the right help could be taken from their homes. He preformed the eternal bond but forgot to close the ritual leaving it open to another if the right circumstances appeared. Being the caster of the bond Icon was the first and only to learn what had really happened during the ritual but he could not find the right child. With the others he subjugated the Elven Kingdom looking for the fourth member of their pact. He was in charge of screening all the new Elvenkind that came into the closed off area. Icon was the first of the “Elven Lords” that they party met.

Icon Winter

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