Roywinkle Mardbur

A Sorcerer with the power that strikes twice


Name: Roywinkle Mardbur
Race: Human
Class: Sorcerer


Roywinkle was a master of stalking, with his magic he could creep close to even the most defensive ranger and shank him in the back. No one could hide from him either, he could find a way into any locked room or through any magical shield. That’s why he joined in a pact with two other spell casters to use Matrimonium Moa Mens Mentis and gain more power. With their knowhow and information he could easily claim any target they need, he was directly responsible for the attack on the Aspirios home. Roywinkle was never the brains of the operation but he was a powerhouse of magic. The other two gave him a wide berth even before they increased their power. By the time the party caught up with Roywinkle he was the last remaining “Elven Lord” and from the moment they stepped foot on his island the sky was alight with battle…

Roywinkle Mardbur

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