Kepli Leagallow

A Warlock with the power that burns


Name: Kepli Leagallow
Race: Halfling
Class: Warlock


Long ago Kepli was approached by two others of the Arcane Arts and persuaded to join into a pact. Being the Ritual Master that she was they needed her expertise to perform The Matrimonium Moa Mens Mentis Ritual, this is a very sinister magic that requires amazing concentration to even preform. While the pact gather up their three victims they came for J├╣nkodo Aspirios and Kepli got more than she bargained for. Her very life was snuffed out but they learned that Kyreena Aspirios was a powerful as her husband and took her as well. Still needed Kepli so they pulled her soul back into another body, A Halfling of almost the same build and continued their ritual anyways. With so much magic running through the air they never learned until it was too late that they had pulled a fourth player into their ritual. They spent years trying to track him down, which eventually led to the three of them into subverting the Elven Government for their man hunt. Kepli was the second Elven Lord the party confronted…

Kepli Leagallow

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