Epos Herrschaft

Level Six Human Paladin


Height: 6’ 2" Weight: 230 lbs. Age: 45

Alignment: Lawful Good Deity: St. Cuthbert

Strength: 18

Dexterity: 15

Constitution: 16

Intelligence: 14

Wisdom: 18

Charisma: 20

HP: 53

AC:22 Touch: 11 Flat-Foot: 21

Fort Save: +6 Ref Save: +3 Will Save: +7

Attack Bonus: +7

Diplomacy: +11 (ranks 3)
Heal: +7
Sense Motive: +12
Knowledge Religion: +5

Eye for talent – add +2 to your sense motive checks
Heart of the Street – when adjacent to two or more characters, add +1 to your AC and your Reflex save

Hero’s Defiance – When the paladin’s health falls to zero, he may use lay of hands
Grace – movement doesn’t provoke attack of opportunity

Toughness – + 3 health, +1 for every level after 3
Extra Mercy – Mercy special ability can heal one other effect
Run- run five times normal movement speed (three times in heavy armor)


Epos is from a mysterious world where he fought a holy war against the followers of Iuz. Iuz is a

demigod who sought to build an empire of chaos while Epos and the followers of Saint Cuthbert

intended to stop him. he does not remember any of this however, he was badly wounded during the

conflict and found himself recovering in a small drawven village of Stonestead. (this is where he

learned how to speak drawven). All that he knows is that he is a paladin of Saint Cuthbert and the

tenets and rules that implies. he did discover that in this realm that no one worships Saint

Cuthbert! his quest is to successfully convert as many followers as he can, and destroy anything

that threatens his religion.

Epos Herrschaft

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