Knowledgable Elf Wizard


HP: 30
SPEED: 30ft

STR: 13 / 1
DEX: 17 / 3
CON: 13 / 1
INT: 22 / 6
WIS: 16 / 3
CHA: 14 / 2

AC: 13


CMB: 3
CMD: 16


WEAPON: Longsword


Glazius Aspirios

The father of Glazius, Jùnkodo Aspirios, was an Elven Wizard and a well-renowned Feyliege. He owned a shielding owl familiar that learned and experienced many great things. Glazius’s mother Kyreena was also a Wizard of the Elven race, and she became a Lord of Fate in her lifetime. She owned a parrot (raven) familiar called Kayla (Kai-la) that she was bonded to, which speaks the Auran language and often communicated with the owl and gained some knowledge.

One night when Glazius was about 1½ years old, he was being held by his father, who was talking with Kyreena about going to visit their friend, a devoted cleric and a godfather to Glazius. During their conversation, the door suddenly flew across the room, and a Gnome Warlock walked in and cast a fire spell at the Feyliege. At the same time, a bard used ice magic and a sorcerer used a violet lightning attack, and all three attacks struck Jùnkodo at the same time. In defense, he threw up a shield to absorb the attacks, but under the force of all three spells, the attacks eventually broke through and hit Jùnkodo and his owl who tried to protect him. A small part of each of these attacks found their way to little Glazius, and instinctively Kyreena teleported him to Zido, their Devoted Cleric friend. She then turned towards the Warlock and casts a spell, which takes him out in one shot. At this time she telepathically tells her parrot to find the Half-Elf Cleric and tell him what had happened that night, just before she was finished off by the Bard and Sorcerer. Unknown to all mortals, Kyreena gains immortality for having balanced the outcome of the night: she saved Glazius, which allowed him to grow and become a great force of good, and she finished off the Warlock, both in exchange for the deaths of herself and Jùnkodo. As a result of her immortality her parrot lives on, still with a telepathic connection to her that Glazius can feel from time to time. This parrot will naturally become a companion and familiar to Glazius.
In the town of Silverymoon, Zido was pacing in his study one stormy night; pondering about a new healing spell he was experimenting with, when there was a crack of thunder and a flash of light. All of a sudden he saw a 1½ year old child appear on the desk in his study! When he made a startled noise, his wife Kilasha (an Elven Wizard and an amazing Spellstorm Mage) came in and saw what had surprised him. She instantly walked to the child and picked him up, at which point she was even more startled than her husband had been. The cleric asked what happened because of the look of shock on her face. She recovered slightly and said, “It’s the Aspirios boy. I wonder what has happened!?” Zido then said, “You should go find out. Here, I’ll look after the boy.”
Kilasha then dashes off and finds a dead Gnome just inside the house, and also sees scorch marks in half of the house along with frost on one wall and some of the ground. Also, she found Jùnkodo in the middle of two scorch lines and frost, and she gathered that he was hit by three attacks. At this time she wondered what had happened to Kyreena, but half-way through that thought she found a small arrowhead next to the side of the body. Not completely knowing what was significant about this artifact, she took it and Jùnkodo back to the house. While she was at the house, the parrot familiar arrived at the Cleric’s house, and related what had happened. When his wife returned, he told her of the parrot and the message it related, which included that Kyreena had somehow “disappeared”. At this time, both Zido and Kilasha knew of the arrowhead that was found at the Aspirios residence, but they waited to give it to Glazius or even tell him about it until such a time that he would be ready to use it.

The Cleric and his wife raised the child as if he were their own son, and taught him what they knew. Because of the curse marks that Glazius received, Zido blessed him that these marks, along with his knowledge, would be instrumental in bringing justice to those who gave them to him, and also in discovering power that only he could control. The Half-Elf Cleric put the boy through the arcane academy so he would learn everything he would need to know to be able to venture on his own and do as he wished when he got older. Zido also taught Glazius how to cook healthy food that not only is filling, but is also rejuvenating to all who eat it. From Kilasha, Glazius learned useful spells and rituals, and with such a great teacher he was able to master them to a good degree.

Zido’s deity is Ioun which is why he works at a library in Silverymoon and is also part of why he pushes Glazius to go through the academy. On the other hand, the deity of Kilasha is Avandra, and as a result Glazius inherited a mix of beliefs, one of which goes something like: “Luck favors those who take fate into their own hands, but be prepared to do so at all times”. Because of the influences of this couple and their different deities, Glazius believes in following the teachings of Ioun in spreading good knowledge to the world, and also believes in doing things for the good of many.

To this day Glazius still knows his professors at the academy, the people who work at the library, and would be able to recognize any of his former classmates at any given moment. Glazius didn’t make a whole lot of friends since he focused most of his time on his schoolwork. But even if he tried to be social, his spellscars would sometimes put an end to that because other kids usually thought he was too weird to hang out with, since they would light up if he started to feel certain emotions. Glazius’s “family” never really had to worry about money because they always had what they needed to get by. They weren’t wealthy to the point of having a lot of luxury, but they were still able to get the things they wanted by working for them. When Glazius needed money after his schooling, Zido was able to keep him busy with jobs around the library.

At this point in time, Glazius is undertaking a neat project that on deals with ways to magically store information by means comparable to storing information in a glass book, which would be like creating a spellbook that contains spells, rituals, and even diagrams or simulations of what it looks like to perform them correctly. He has come up with ways to do this by the means of the arcane library books that caught his attention while working there, and also with the help of Kilasha, who encourages him with this fascination. When Glazius finishes with this project idea, he is pretty sure he could sell the idea and make a fortune if he really wants to. One reason that he wants to go on an adventure to foreign lands is because by doing so, he may pick up more ideas on what to include in his design or even improve what he already has.

(Side note) Unknown to Glazius, the warlock, sorcerer, and bard were assassins working for a drow leader that wanted to be rid of the Feyliege Jùnkodo Aspirios.

Three unique things about Glazius are his spellscars that he inherited from the night of the attack. On his forehead he has a flame scar, which glows red whenever he is upset, extremely annoyed, attempting to converse with someone who is stubbornly ignorant, or when he is around extreme stupidity. When he realizes that this scar is glowing, he attempts to walk away from these situations, although over time he has built up a really good tolerance for most cases, which means that this scar doesn’t glow very often. On his left hand lies an ice scar, which glows blue whenever he is sad; which usually comes in the form of thinking about how his parents died. When this scar glows he is usually alone, but when he is not, he doesn’t want anyone to know how he is feeling, so he usually hides this scar with gloves or sleeves so that his emotional status does not rub off onto anyone around him. On the other hand he has a lightning scar that glows violet, since that is the color of the attack that struck him as an infant. This scar glows when he is excited or he has an adrenaline rush, and since he doesn’t care if people figure this out, he lets this scar act of its own free will, unless it will attract unwanted attention during a business deal. These three scars will also light up when the respective elements are used at any time, such as lighting fires, freezing things, or creating a lightning storm with his arcane powers. On some occasions, all three of these scars will glow as one when attempting to master the inherited powers within all of them at once. He continues to master these powers because in doing so, he believes that he will find out who he really is and possibly even understand the events that took place the night he earned them.

Another result of his childhood incident is shown by his hair. Being an Elf would have given him naturally light hair, but the magic that was used on him gave him groups of violet streaks down the center of his head, which extends to about his elbows. He also has groups of blue streaks on his right side, and also groups of red streaks on his left side. His eyes resemble an even mixture of all three colors, which make them a royal violet color that flash, give a cold stare, or even burn through a person’s soul at times.

Due to the death of his parents, Glazius is on a lifelong journey to learn as much as he can, especially when it pertains to magic. The reason for this is because he doesn’t feel complete without knowing who his parents were, so he tries to make up for it in any way he can. This has lead him to studying magic of any kind along with some history, much of which is concentrated in learning about bards, sorcerers, or warlocks, and the spells and rituals they most commonly use, and even more specifically, spells that may have been the same few whose marks he still bears, which he does with the idea that he may return them to their “rightful owners”. The death of his family also leads Glazius to form close bonds to the people he is around most often, which are very few. Again, he does this as an attempt to make up for not being able to do so with his parents, but also in an attempt to prevent his family crisis from happening to anyone else, since he knows how hard it is without knowing the people he cares for, and can imagine how much harder it would be to lose someone that he knows and cares for.


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