Luck's Rake

The Remarkable Ship that is Imora's only remaining connection to her past and her people.




See Imora of Orichalchum

The ship has been with Imora since before she left her people behind in their prison. It has served her faithfully, and as such, she has a deep and meaningful bond with it. When first separated with her ship, it was an emotional experience, and the only people with her for an extended period of time afterward are dead.

The second separation was less dramatic, as she could still feel and sense the Ship’s proximity, and leaving it was of her own volition this time. Upon returning she found that the mere days she had spent away from the ship had actually been years, and in that time it formed a special bond with Ranzwinkle the gnome. Additionally, it demonstrated an unexpected evolution of sorts, exhibiting signs of thought and personality as well as being capable of feat’s Imora had never dreamed of. In a sort of symbiosis, it guided the gnome in its repair, maintenance, and defense and after she had lost her leg in a skirmish, it began to perform repairs of its own upon her, providing her with a marvelous pseudo-mechanical peg leg.

Who knows what else is in store for the ship, as never a riftseeker nor their ship have ever returned to reveal the effects of time and travel.

Luck's Rake

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