Tales From Carpentaria

My Religious Decision (Glazius)

Today we followed this fog that came from someplace in this town, and the Paladin said that we should go fight the evil that lived there, and when we tried that we separated from our bodies! That’ll teach me to worship Saint Cuthbert again! I was thinking of worshipping Saint Cuthbert because Epos keeps saying he is so great, but taking recent events into account, I am seriously reconsidering worshipping Irori like my parents suggested in the first place.

Epos' Daily Prayer #2

Praise to Saint Cuthbert, whom without his help, I would not have been able to outrun the evil spirit in the white dress. Although, Saint Cuthbert, if you wouldn’t mind me asking; next time we should run into this poltergeist, would it too much to ask just to smite her where she stands? I tried to convey to her about how great you are and everything, so that she might change her malevolent ways, but she didn’t seem to respond. I bet she thinks your not real or something idiotic like that, so come down here and teach her a lesson she will not soon forget! HAIL SAINT CUTHBERT!

Mord Breaks the Dolls

Just when Imora of Orichalchum finished fixing the big dolls and playing with them more ghosties showed up! Glaziuswas getting all strangled, so Mord ran and grabbed the ghosty. It was a small little child, so it was easy for Mord to save Glazius. The Glazius decided to make everything in the world shrink except Mord! This made Mord smash all the dollies on the shelves. That make Mord sad. Then Glazius got attacked by more little ghosties, so Mord had to grab them and the ones grabbing Epos Herrschaft. More little dollies got smashed, but the ghosties were so small that they were like dolls now too. So Mord pick them up and punish them for being bad little ghost dollies. He smash them all until they broke. Then the world was the right size again, and Mord could fit again. Glazius even fixed all the dollies before we left, except the ghosties, they were bad. Mord still hasn’t found his hat though…

Captain's Log Stardate: 555-2368
Ectoplasmic Solutions for a better tomorrow.

Quite a lot of running about that was. Then again, not sure if you could actually call it running, since our bodies were left in a nice little pile in the front room, and we were projected astrally against our wills. But, that was all settled in the end. We even got a play a nice little game of tag with one of the island residents…it was a bit unfair, though. She was always “it”.

She definitely seemed interested in keeping us from finding the tiles we needed to return to our bodies, but she also displayed a very simple-minded approach to doing so. Guess you can’t expect something without a brain to be an incredibly logical thinker.

Through a stroke of luck, and some good ol’ fashioned thinking on the bard’s end, we quickly figured out the symbols on the tiles were really the mathematic glyphs this world uses as numbers. Funny how numbers always seem to be a pretty solid constant throughout the universe. I wonder if there’s anywhere in the world that counts on a base-9 or base-3 scale. That’d be interesting….

I digress, however. We tricked the stupid little ghost woman, solved her stupid little number problem, and we’re not any closer (as far as I can tell) to getting back on to my ship OR sending this cursed island into the pits of hell where it belongs. Ah well, we got another one of those element discs, at least. Maybe if we get the whole set we might be able to summon another Captain, a nice handsome one that speaks in catchy one-liners…oh, and red boots. Can’t resist a man with the chucks to wear a pair of red boots. Well, one can dream, anyway….

Desi's guide to... Ghosts? and breaking the 4th wall.

This island sucks. First, these ghosts just come into my head uninvited and I hit the ground, out like a light. Invading people’s heads is my thing, ghosts.

Then, I decided to be a half elf for a day and this made me susceptible to possession. The one day I could be possessed! The nerve. Then the next day, I was back to my normal kalashtar self and no ghosts tried to possess me. Didn’t even give me a chance! All they do is give me visions of dreadful occurrences.

We got to this house that a doll maker used to live in, it is way creepy. Things move on their own, there are dolls and doll parts all over the place. For some reason, we decided to put this life-sized doll back together with its pair. Of course, this initiated a fight. Things got crazy after this – Mord became MEGA MORD, DESTROYER OF SHELVES courtesy of the wizard and eventually everything got killed.

I find myself very strained on this island. The evil power is overwhelming and it never gives. We can’t leave the island now, not after what we’ve seen. Like they say, curiosity killed the spirit companion.

Captain's Log - Stardate: 1-WSNT-THR

Top shelf, third book from the left. Hah!

This however is in no way significant evidence proving that I’m not crazy.

I felt rather distant this last little leg of our journey, almost out of touch. I feel my trust in these individuals growing. If it turns out the Rift isn’t on this world, I do hope they’ll agree to join me when I decide to leave.

- Captain Imora of Orichalchum, at your service.

Kojer's Words of Wisdom
Kojer's Words of Wisdom

Kojer wodner why wizard man get nearly choked to death? Why he not just SMASH THEM! It easy!
Kojer 1

To Grandmother's House We Go

So I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t like this island. We haven’t made it over the river, the woods are endless, Grandma’s probably a ghost already and I haven’t seen a single trace of a library anywhere! Honestly, I don’t even remember why we wanted to find a library in the first place, and how, out of all the libraries that the Party could remember, we chose the haunted one. I’ve dealt with haunted more than enough, but that doesn’t mean we should be going out of our way just because the brochure said it was haunted.

Next time, lets pick the island with the beaches and the rainbows on the timeshare ad instead of the decaying buildings and the ghosts.

Kojer's Words Of Wisdom

What Kojer Learned last week, Don’t throw things at ghosties… that bad.

The Storybook of G. Aspirios

This Island is ridiculus! Upon arrival, Desideratum has managed to become possesed, and is seeing visions of people who have been dead for who knows how long, and on top of all that we cannot find our ship! I have to be careful by making sure that I don’t touch anything that will give any unfriendly spirits in this area an advantage over me or any one of us! I walked into a room that no one else noticed to check out the area for magic, and it turns out that this rooms sealed itself shut behind me! I carefully checked the items in this room and found a pair of eyes. I didn’t want to touch them, but there seemed to be no other way to leave this room. So I touched them, and the next thing that I remember was Epos dragging me somewhere. The sooner we leave this place, the sooner I can move on to more useful things, like studying magic.


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