Tales From Carpentaria

Epos' Daily Prayer
To Saint Cuthbert on high, give me the strength I need to lay these spirits to rest. may we destroy the evil that resides on this island so we may cleanse this place once and for all. If there should be any luck, may these spirits see the errors of their ways and convert themselves to the teachings of the Saint Cuthbert, and find their way to the kingdom of Saint Cuthbert when they leave this world. after all, they are worshiping some evil force that killed everyone, they should have converted earlier if they weren’t stuck in their perpetual deaths or just stubborn. where was I? o well, Hail Saint Cuthbert!
Mord's Missing Hat

Has anyone seen Mord‘s new hat anywhere? Well, Mord only had it for a little bit, so Mord no know where it could have gone. Anyway after Glazius locked himself in the room and wouldn’t come out Mord and the party decided to go search neat things. Mord decided to search the chests, everyone else said its only clothes, but they were wrong; Mord found a neat hat! Anyway ranger guy found a secret room and there were books and things. Cleric girl decided to read some nifty book or something. Anyway Mord had a neat hat and everyone else only had stupid books. Then Glazius unlocked the door and decided to nap. Epos Herrschaft woke him up quickly (lazy mage) and the mage showed us some eyes. Well they were not his eyes, but um, like small breaky magic eyes or something. Anyway we needed these eyes so that Imora of Orichalchum could play with her dolls downstairs. Anyway sometime while this was happening Mord’s new hat disappeared. Anyway Mord miss his hat, Mord hope the sneaky guy didn’t take it from him or Mord will be mad.

Captain's Log - Stardate: Tenmark-pointseven-twentyeleventyone
Where in bloody hell is my ship!?

Buggardly Poppycock in a String-woven handbasket destined for hell!!! I finally reuinite with the Ol’ Rake, and surely enough we land an island that’s gone and become haunted. Nine Hells and Ruination to the Gods! Of course, the ghosties aren’t keen on us getting away, so we’re trapped here. Suggesting, meaning, case in point, pertaining to, READ: I’m cut off from my beautiful ship once again! Well, all’s well. Just need to keep ship shape, not lose my head, and show this bunch of intangible ignoramuses an intimidating invention of Imora’s, ingeniously inclined to incinerate the immaterial and imprint their images, innocently immortalizing them. Interesting, eh? I’ll have more later….it seems I’ve lost some of my previous logs. I’ll need to make sure I find those…

- Captain Imora of Orichalchum, at your service.

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