Lost in the Labyrinth

When the circus master banished the party they ended up lost in the Labyrinth inside of Thunder Mountain. A literal mountain standing alone at sea, with a various ports surrounding in and a bazaar of true wonder in the middle. Long tunnels make up the Labyrinth with many entrances leading to the bazaar, rumors of a Guild of powerful Wizards hiding on the lowest level of the Labyrinth. After only a short time they ran into another group who had been lost in the tunnels for two weeks, as they became to greet each other. Terras found a skull with ruby eyes as he began to steal away the rubies though magic activated. Finding everyone from both group magically glued together and the explosion of magics had called spiders to their location. Luckily though everyone survived and the magic wore off. By accident the group split up into two following different caves. One group found themselves in corridor of trap after trap and the others found themselves trapped in a lost Dwarven City. Two party members died making it through the trapped corridor but the rest survived to met up with everyone else. The larger party were forced to participate in arena challenge given to them by Eola Bravesapper the Dwarven Queen. Her husband did not agree with his and demanded two of the party fight to the death, but his queen got in the way. They last they saw Eola and her husband where in an all out battle, the outcome is not known. To their luck though the new cleric could real the language carved on the walls outside the city, leading them upwards to safety and the bazaar. Glazius spotted a wanted poster for Terras before the old party joined by the members of the new party disembarked on Luck’s Rake.

Buildings & Places

Dwarven City


Eola Bravesapper (Dwarven City)

Lost in the Labyrinth

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