The Haunted Island

The party landed on the shores of an island whose name had long been forgotten and the people gone mad. The skies darkened quickly and the way back to the shores disappeared. They became trapped in a village with no name and spirits wandering through the streets. The first of the spirits called Desideratum into the Jounran House. The ghost of Mia, a woman who was trapped before them, lead them around the house to find pieces of a notebook she kept, she was searching for a lost love. A man who had come looking for clues on what had happened to this cursed place; he never returned either. Finally they found the walnut key and gained access to the room at the top of the stairs. Inside they were first attacked by the spirits of the island, but came away in one piece. Sadly another spirit possessed Desideratum and dragged her away further into the village. The others gave chase, but were stopped by the large gates needing the sister keys (Older Sister & Younger Sister). A search around the village revealed a girl trapped in a stone storehouse who gave them a little more information on the curse. They could not get her out just yet but managed to find the sister keys. During this time though, Epos and Wilsefir got caught up in a trap at the old well, the Bard was pulled down into the dark depths. He managed to find his way out and a snazzy pair of goggles in the process; he also found a strange stone. While the party searched for keys though, the Cleric found herself trapped in the Teshyem House, accosted by horrid visions and chased by even more powerfully spirits. Luckily though she solved the puzzle of the doll room and found her own stone before passing out and waking up outside the house. The whole party met up again on The River Bridge, only to be attacked once more by a woman who had drowned there. It was close but they all managed to survive the encounter. With further exploration to the West and the combined knowledge of Glazius and Gunner, the party found a Wayward Tree to rest in safe from ghost and the elements. After waking they ventured into the Quoch House where they learned more about the ritual of the island. Also unlocking one of the doors to Heaven’s Bridge. The Girl in the White Dress lured them into the Ea’s House, where they lost their physical forms. Being forced to run and solve riddles before finding their fourth stone and regaining their forms. A trip to the shrine found them the Orange Blossom key and the final stone they didn’t even know they needed. Using the key they discovered that the trapped girl had long ago given into the madness and killed herself. This left only one place left to go, back to Teshyem to confront the girl in the white dress.

Buildings & Places

Jounran House
Quoch House
Teshyem House
The River Bridge
The Storehouse
Wayward Tree
The Shrine


Mia (Jounran House)
Joben (Jornran House)
Girl in a White Dress (Teshyem House)
Drowned Woman (The River Bridge)
Trapped Girl (The Storehouse)
Akana (Quoch House)
Priests (The Shrine)


Walnut Key – Jounran House(Upstairs)/Found
Younger Sister(Gate to Teshyem)/Found
Older Sister(Gate to Teshyem)/Found
Sea Breeze – Quoch House(Entrance)/Found
Ginger Root – Quoch House(Projection Room)/Found
Snowflake – Quoch House(Maze Room)/Found
Sunburst – Quoch House(Upstairs)/Found
Notched Arrow – Quoch House(Heaven’s Bridge)/Found
Spring Wind – Ea’s House(Heaven’s Bridge)/Found
Orange Blossom – The Storehouse(Entrance)/Found

The Haunted Island

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