Tales From Carpentaria

The Storybook of G. Aspirios

This Island is ridiculus! Upon arrival, Desideratum has managed to become possesed, and is seeing visions of people who have been dead for who knows how long, and on top of all that we cannot find our ship! I have to be careful by making sure that I don’t touch anything that will give any unfriendly spirits in this area an advantage over me or any one of us! I walked into a room that no one else noticed to check out the area for magic, and it turns out that this rooms sealed itself shut behind me! I carefully checked the items in this room and found a pair of eyes. I didn’t want to touch them, but there seemed to be no other way to leave this room. So I touched them, and the next thing that I remember was Epos dragging me somewhere. The sooner we leave this place, the sooner I can move on to more useful things, like studying magic.


Demonicrose Glazius

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