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In the aftermath of the War of Dus Mundus the world of Carpentaria has shattered. The once great continent has spread into the seas taking with it the Midway Barriers. Memories of the time before are few and far between. Only the most ancient of creatures remembers when the world was whole. The destruction has wormed its ways into the minds of men and women for generations. Twisting heroes into monsters that ravish the land and their people. Since the beginning of this Dark Age the loving Mother of Nature, Melora has sought to bring hope back to the world. She has maneuvered a select few into position to begin healing the world, pulling from every walk of life and nudging them to where they can do the most good.

The World of Carpentaria

The Party
Epos Herrschaft
Kojer Me Ox
Rafe Westwinds VII

The Party meets and visits the Pirate Isle
Running around the Kingdom of Hagenbrin
Attack on the Circus of Slavery
Lost in the Labyrinth
The Haunted Island
Victory Dinner
To the Elves!
Back into the Labyrinth
The Mage’s Guild
Court of the Summer Queen

Main Page

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